Partner company ACM offer's high frequency trading through lower latency systems and servers. ACM present the best solutions to professional trader's and investor's. High-frequency trading ( HFT ) is a primary form of algorithmic trading in finance. It is the use of sophisticated technological tools and computer algorithms to rapidly trade markets. HFT uses proprietary trading strategies carried out by low latency systems and computers/servers to move in and out of positions in seconds or fractions of a second. We move in and out of short-term positions at high volumes aiming to capture sometimes a fraction of a pip in profit on every trade. As a result, HFT has a potential Sharpe ratio (a measure of risk and reward) tens of times higher than traditional buy-and-hold strategies.

Explanation of Arbitrage: This strategy its's not latency arbitrage (Avg. Trade Length 0 seconds). It's arbitrage hedge between the 2 different prices on 2 fix api accounts (Avg. Trade Length 5-13 minutes). Arbitrage is simply the simultaneous buying something at a low price and selling it at a higher price. If you bought a piece of property for $1,000,000 and sold it immediately for $1.200,000 to make a profit of $200,000, this is arbitrage. Arbitrage in real estate and other types of assets takes a lot of time, effort and energy, but when applied to currencies it is quick, easy, and is repeated hundreds of times a week for a small profit each time to achieve 10% to 40% profit or more for investors per month with 0% risk and 0% loss. Profit 10% to 40% percent in a month is divided ratio of 50% client and 50% the ACM company. Contrary to the commonly held belief that high returns are associated with high risks; arbitrage is very safe and risk free when using our HFT software program. The minimum investment is only $10,000 (1 fix api account 5k$ + 2 fix api account 5k$).

Real accounts company ACM


  • We offer dedicated support,
  • Dedicated Account Manager,
  • 24 hour's access to Sales and Support,
  • Setup on Market Events,
  • Automatic Strategies Daily Setup of Arbitrage and Market Making during market events,
  • Real Time Servers, Financial Technologies running 24 hours,
  • Financial markets research for each client's account,
  • Company ACM works around the clock every day. At any time during Asia, Europe, Middle East and US sessions.

The starting steps are:

  • There is NO SETUP cost except the server(s) which need to be hire as low latency between exchanges/brokers/banks,
  • Company ACM works on only profit sharing plan,
  • Client will sign agreement,
  • Open two FIX API trading accounts with registered broker ACCFX (FSA Regulations)
  • Deposit funds to them,
  • Client provide us specifications and credentials of accounts,
  • Ready to start.

If you are interested in the VIP offer 2 please contact us HERE.