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FXBlue Personal Trade Copier MT4/MT5

The Personal Trade Copier duplicates orders between two instances of MetaTrader 4/5 running on the same computer. The communication is almost instant. The speed of trade placement, and any slippage, will depend almost entirely on the latency to your broker and the quality of their trade execution.

The trade copier has a wide range of features. These are covered in greater detail in the accompanying online document: HERE

  • Adjust lot sizes, including risk-based adjustment based on the relative equity of the two accounts
  • Adjust the s/l and t/p
  • Only copy orders for specific symbols
  • Only copy orders with specific magic numbers
  • Copies both manual and automated trading activity
  • Send email alerts on trading activity
  • Uses a single magic number for all orders, allowing analysis of results by EA
  • Automatically adjusts between different broker symbols names such as EURUSD and EURUSDcx
  • Automatically adjusts between brokers who use 2/3DP and 4/5DP pricing
  • Automatically adjusts to market execution (where brokers require the s/l and t/p to be placed separately from a market order)
  • Invert original trade direction
  • Daily trading hours during which the copier is allowed to trade
  • Handles partial closes

The sending copy of MT4/MT5 does not need the ability to place trades. It can be logged in using the read-only MT4/MT5 "investor" password.

Get full information about broker and the account

This program can be used both as a script and as an advisor.

Here is a full list of information it provides:

  • Complete Broker's name
  • Account server
  • The name of account owner
  • The account currency
  • Broker's GMT
  • Spread
  • Stop level for orders (minimal distance for TP, SL and also for pending orders )
  • Maximal available lot
  • Minimal available lot
  • Minimal step for changing the lot
  • Leverage
  • Stop level (the level where the broker closes orders forcibly)

Automatically restart crashed programs (MT4)

How does it work?

ProcessAlive continuously scans all the running programs on your computer from the system tray. If it notices that one of your selected processes is no longer running, it will re-launch the program.

Advanced Information

- When a process is re-spawned by ProcessAlive, it will inherit the permission granted to ProcessAlive. If you require that processes are launched with administrator rights, ProcessAlive must be run as an administrator too.

- You can specify one commandline argument per process. You do not need to wrap the argument in comma's or other punctuation; unless the software in question specifically delimits arguments using the backslash or forwardslash character.

- If the program you wish to preserve immediately calls a secondary executable then exits, ProcessAlive will cause an infinite loop and crash your system. Always make sure that you directly call x64 versions of executable files, rather than allow the x86 version to delegate. ProcessAlive automatically checks for programs that use the {process_name}64.exe convention; but it's inadvisable to rely on the build-in protections.

Scripts (MT4)

  1. CloseAll_Acc - Closes All deals (live and pending) on the current account.

  2. CloseAll_Acc_loss - Closes All deals with loss on the current account.

  3. CloseAll_Acc_profit - Closes All deals with profit on the current account.

  4. CloseAll_Acc_pending - Closes All pending orders on the current account.

  5. CloseAll_Pair - Closes All deals (live and pending) on the current chart (pair).

  6. CloseAll_Pair_loss - Closes All deals with loss on the current chart (pair).

  7. CloseAll_Pair_profit - Closes All deals with loss on the current chart (pair).

  8. CloseAll_Pair_pending - Closes All pending orders on the current chart (pair).

Automatic Slippage Report

This is a free script for MT4 platform to check how much your broker/market is stealing from you. If you have positive or negative slippage, you will now know immediately with our MT4 Automatic Slippage Processor tool.

How to use:

Simply drag and drop the SCRIPT onto your chart that you want to check slippage. You will get an Alert within 1-2 seconds that displays the true slippage from all orders within your trading history (For that specific chart/currency pair).


You can monitor the equity or balance of your account ,you have 3 ways to set target there are all optional:

1, is the Maximal equity target

2, is the Minimal equity target

3, is the Drawdown from the highest equity

Protect EA

Protect EA is robot to hide the levels of Stop Loss and Take Profit from broker. After starting, EA controls all opened positions for the current symbol and sets virtual stop loss / take profit lines in current chart window. If price will cross one of the line, EA automatically will close order. If in order exist the standard SL and TP, then the EA will remove them and at the same levels sets virtual SL/TP (hidden). When there wasn't set SL or TP, then EA will set the virtual SL and TP in the distance specified in EA params. EA works on any pair and any timeframe. It is possible to run more than one copy of EA in one MT4 terminal. If you want to change the TP or SL, just click on the line and you can move on the chart. WARNING. For properly working virtual SL and TP, the EA must be running. After switching off the MT4, the orders will not be closing. For pending orders, virtual Stop Loss and Take Profit are setting only after order's activation. Do not use this EA in combination with other EA which could changing or setting real Stop Loss and Take Profit in the orders.

Alert Price for MT4/MT5 (Indicator)

Input parameters:

  • SoundWhenPriceGoesAbove (default = 0.0) - if price goes above this value the alert will be triggered.
  • SoundWhenPriceGoesBelow (default = 0.0) - if price goes below this value the alert will be triggered.
  • SoundWhenPriceIsExactly (default = 0.0) - if price is exactly at this value the alert is triggered.
  • SendEmail (default = false) - if true and the correct e-mail settings are set in the MetaTrader options window, the alert is also sent to the set e-mail address.