Receive a FREE Copy of Happy Forex's Full Suite of Expert Advisors through TMGM

We pay your costs now for purchase EAs Happy Forex full pack (10xEAs) up to a maximum of €499 (2 Licenses). The amount of the deposit to the trading account and the amount of the discount granted to EAs Happy Forex full pack (10xEAs):

  • From €/$500 to €/$999 - discount 50%
  • From €/$1000 and over - discount 100%


Deposit to the trading account = 500 EUR/USD

EAs Happy Forex full pack (10xEAs), price 499 EUR (2 Licenses)

Original invoice: 499 EUR (2 Licenses)

Discount for opening a trading account: 50%, thus 249,5 EUR

The total amount paid by the client: 499-249,5 = 249,5 EUR

Application Procedure for reimbursement of EAs Happy Forex full pack (10xEAs):

1) open a live trading account using the "HERE" (EDGE ECN or Classic ECN)

2) on trading account please send an amount that corresponds to the above table

3) we will immediately send you a voucher code to redeem when buying on

License purchased business software will run on the newly created account with TMGM. If, within 30 days of purchase EAs Happy Forex full pack (10xEAs) were selected deposit, or there will be no trade minimal 2 FX lots, will be portal charge the cost the granted by a discount, because buying software not properly use the trading TMGM account.