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Currency trade (FOREX) is becoming increasingly popular not only in USA and Russia, but also in Europe. However, many investors don't have a lot of time to spend with daily observing the market or with learning technical or fundamental analysis. One possible solution is the Expert Advisor (EA). 

Retail investors too are becoming increasingly willing to take part in an attractive trade with currencies and also use the advantages that futures contracts are offering:

  • possibility to cash in on the rise and fall of the exchange rate
  • investment opportunities every minute
  • massive liquidity


Trade systems aren't dependent on the current development of the market, as for example shares, because they can earn in whatever phase of the economic cycle. Moreover, they can follow the development of a wide range of mutually unrelated assets, which allows them to effectively diversify risk.

The automatic trade system is a set of firmly established rules that unambiguously show how to enter the market, how to limit risk and when to close a position. This is computer software based on technical analysis (chart analysis) that, based on data from the stock exchange, recommends when to buy or sell. Fully automatically, the system generates trade instructions which it is also submitting to the exchange by itself. The investor doesn't have to interfere within the strategy or intervene with instructions. However, the investor can monitor trade in his account in real time and turn off the system at choice.

  • trade by certified rules
  • investment into rise and fall of the exchange rate
  • interesting profits anytime
  • trade without emotions

Latest News!

New update 5xEAs

11/08/2016 12:30
This day we do a major update to EAs: Happy News v1.1 added new settings: SetPendingSecondsBeforeNews, PendingDistanceFromPrice, DeleteUntriggeredPendingsAfterNews, News Filter Setup (HighImpact, MediumImpact, LowImpact, IncludeSpeaks) fix: opening only one pending trade for two/three...

New EA Happy News

11/08/2016 11:30
New EA H appy News

New EA Happy Breakout

11/08/2016 10:50
New EA Happy Breakout
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