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VIP Offer 2 - Result from 2017-11-14 to 2018-01-10

11/01/2018 13:09
Full statement client real accounts 4 (Deposit 2x10k - Result from 2017-11-14 to 2018-01-10): HERE   More info:  

New update 5xEAs

04/12/2017 14:48
This day we do a major update to EAs:   Happy News v1.3 added new settings: Alert Options: AlertSecondsBeforeNews, SoundAlert, SoundFile, PopupAlert, EmailAlert, PhoneAlert added new currency pairs: GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY   Happy Forex v2.3 modified the...

VIP Offer 2 - Result November 2017

29/11/2017 14:43
Full statement client real accounts 3 (Deposit 2x50k - Result November 2017): HERE   More info:  

New VIP Offer 2

09/10/2017 18:50
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Optimize MT4 for Speed on a VPS

14/08/2017 14:09
In general, the performance of your automated trading system or EA will work better if the order gets to the broker ahead of the majority of other orders. This is especially so when running a scalping EA or an EA that hundreds or even thousands of other people are using. By getting your order in...

MetaTrader 4 build 1080 Update

11/05/2017 22:40
Dear Clients, We would like to inform you that a New MetaTrader4 platform update will be released tomorrow Friday 12th May 2017, and its creator MetaQuotes strongly recommends installing the new version. Following the Windows 10 Creators Update (version 1703) release last month, installing the...

New update Happy Algorithm PRO and Happy Market Hours

14/03/2017 14:55
This day we do a major update to EAs: Happy Market Hours v2.0 fix GMT.Offset added minutes in setting OpenHours and CloseHours Happy Algorithm PRO v1.2 improved strategy for a smaller number of trades added setting: MaxTotalTrades added chart...

Receive a FREE Copy of Happy Forex’s Full Suite of Expert Advisors through InstaForex

05/02/2017 21:32
We pay your costs now for purchase EAs Happy Forex full packs (9xEAs) up to a maximum of €199. The amount of the deposit to the trading account and the amount of the discount granted to EAs Happy Forex full packs (9xEAs): From $1 to $200 — discount 20% From $200 to $499 — discount 40% From $500...

Protect EA

18/01/2017 15:14

New update EAs with News filter

21/11/2016 12:51
All EAs who have News filter, we added a second calendar when failure first calendar: Happy Forex v2.2 Added a second calendar Change for all trade strategies: New sell limit orders placed, ONLY above the current Sell positions and new buy limit orders placed, ONLY under the current...
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